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Edible Matzah Placecards for Passover

Passover seder tomorrow night! Time to make some edible matzah placecards! Just melt some chocolate and pour into a squeeze bottle. Write the names on each piece of matzah, and secure a small piece of matzah on the back of each piece with some additional melted chocolate to make it stand up. Why not delight your guests with these fabulous chocolate matzah placecards at your seder?






NYC Urban Themed Bar Mitzvah

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Amazing Lacrosse/Club Themed Bar Mitzvah!

I've been a bit behind in posting the photos from some of our fabulous events.  However, this one was not to be missed! My business partner's son, Brandon, was the guest of honor at this very club inspired lacrosse themed party. We wanted to have a lacrosse theme, but not "beat everyone over the head" with the theme either... The lacrosse silhouettes were incorporated here and there in details such as throw pillows, menus, and signage. The decor of the room was very "South Beach", with draped and uplighted fabric on the walls, modern club furniture, and a very cool black and white dance floor. We also had backlit shadow boxes for the dancers, which played off the silhouette images we used throughout the party.


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All images courtesy of Party Perfect


Wine Bottle Menus

This beautiful and unique menu was featured on the adult guest tables of a lovely Parisian-themed Bat Mitzvah.  As the French wine flowed, the adult guests passed around this wine bottle, and salivated at the description of French food soon to come their way! This menu also doubled as a table number, with each table being named after a famous Parisian landmark. To make this wine bottle menu, the original wine bottle labels were removed after the bottles had been soaked in water. The menus were printed on sticky paper and carefully adhered to the bottles. You can purchase letter-sized sticker paper at your local office supply store. Bon appetit!

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect


Fun-Dip Shots

Looking for a fun and inexpensive addition to your mitzvah desserts? Try Fun-Dip Shots! This just shows you that presentation is everything!  These fun-dip shots were butler-passed at a recent Bat Mitzvah, and they were a huge hit with the kids. To make these for your event, simply buy some individual Fun-dip packets in your theme colors (we bought the Fun-Dip candy at Party City). Pour candy into plastic shot glasses, and add the Lik-M-Aid sugar stick. Arrange them on a platter for a fun sugar blast!

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect


Popcorn balloon centerpiece

Looking for an inexpensive centerpiece for a carnival or movie themed mitzvah? Check out this idea we created for a carnival charity event! The popcorn containers were purchased from Party City. Balloons were done by the fabulous Patti from Balloons-n-More... She twisted the white and yellow mini balloons together and added a weight to keep them in the box. To finish it off, we added some mylar poofs to give the effect of popping popcorn... A cute and inexpensive way to add some fun poppin' decor to your tables!


Grand Entrance Idea: Ribbon Wands

It's always tough to find some type of "wow" idea for the mitzvah grand entrance. Here's an idea I borrowed from brides who are looking for an alternative to throwing rice: ribbon wands.

I purchased these gorgeous ribbon wands from Living a Fairytale on Etsy. I had them customized to my theme colors, and each one had a little crystal on the top to finish it off. I loved the way she spiral wrapped the sticks as well--each one looked beautiful!

They were distributed to the guests right before the mtizvah girl was introduced...

She did a little dance and came skipping through the line of guests, waving the ribbon wands as she entered. It was so fun and festive, and got the guests really involved in celebrating her big day! Ribbon wands are an affordable way to create a really interactive as well as beautiful grand entrance. Your guests will love to take them home as party favors as well!

Ribbon wands source: Living a Fairtyale

Photographer: Jennifer Werneth

All event photos courtesy of Party Perfect



Fun Mitzvah Catering Ideas!

Just got an email from the fabulous Lisa Teiger at CuisinEtc Catering. They just catered a really fun "Elvis Rock and Roll" Bar Mitzvah in Connecticut. Their mitzvah clients found them through our previous posting about their company on Mitzvahlicious!

What I really love about CuisinEtc is their unique and creative menu ideas and great presentation. I go to their blog regularly to get inspiration from their innovative menus. To see what I mean, check out these photos:

CuisinEtc smoking panko chicken tenders drizzled with Asian chili jam + sprinkled with shaved coconut.

Elvis rocked the house with this kosher style version of his favorite banana and peanut butter pinwheel.

cones of sweet potato chips waiting to be drizzled with herbed ranch dip


Cows in the Comforter: All Beef Kosher Hot Dogs in a Pastry Blanket nestled in a catcher's mitt in a field of wheatgrass

To see more photos, including a delicious mashed potato martini bar, check out their blog at:

CuisinEtc: Rock the House Bar Mitzvah